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The advantages of piercing terminal connectors

2018-05-19 16:44:56

The quick connectors of piercing connection technology mainly include 6-wire parallel plug-in connectors and 3-wire serial plug-in connectors, which can achieve efficient and reliable tap connection, connect various functional units and play a teamwork function. The bridge function can be widely used in many fields such as elevators. As a professional terminal manufacturer, Shanghai Lianjie Electric now makes a brief analysis of the characteristics of the piercing terminal connector:

   The 3-wire piercing series connector is used to connect with the wire in series, and the 6-wire piercing parallel connector is connected with the wire in parallel; it has the following advantages:

  A. The installation is simple, and the insulated wire does not need to be stripped. Ensure a good electrical connection without damaging the wires.

  B. The cable branch can be made without stripping the insulation of the cable, and the connector is completely insulated. There is no need to cut off the main cable, and it can be used as a tap at any position of the cable.

  C. Cost-saving, minimal installation space requirements, cost-saving. There is no need for cable return, which saves cable investment.

The 6-wire pierced connector can be connected in parallel with the main cable without cutting off the main cable. The pierced plug can automatically pierce the main cable insulation sheath and connect with it after pressing into the main cable conductor. It can be used as an elevator in the elevator system. The wires connected to the call box are tapped, and then the sockets with cage spring connection technology are used to connect the wires. The plugs and sockets are pluggable connection, and can ensure the system's ultra-high-speed error-free data transmission.

The 3-wire piercing connector plug comes with a cutting tool. The piercing plug can automatically pierce the insulation layer of the main cable and cut it off after pressing into the main cable wire, and then use a socket with cage spring connection technology Connect the wire to complete the series connection with the main cable. The plug and socket are also pluggable connection, which is convenient and quick.