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The influence of the development of electronic equipment on connector

2018-05-19 16:44:14

With the development of higher transmission speed and smaller size of electronic equipment, connectors also follow this trend. Facing the fierce competition from nearly a thousand connector manufacturers in the Chinese market, Lianjie Electric believes that: major connector manufacturers In addition to the unexpected advantages in terms of production capacity, there is also a competitive advantage of excellent service and customer support.  

The connector originated from the use of the US military. In 1939, during the Second World War, the US military changed the previous "welding" and switched to "connector" assembly in order to shorten the maintenance time of fighter aircraft, allowing maintenance personnel to target damaged modules through the connector. Excluding the replacement, because the connector products originated in the United States, the early connector industry was also dominated by the United States, but Japanese companies also entered the market with technological advantages, and Taiwanese companies grew rapidly with low-price strategies.  

After the global connector industry experienced a downturn from 2001 to the first half of 2003, it returned to double-digit growth in the second half of 2003 as the global economy rebounded. Although it also showed a 15.7% growth in 2004, it began to show a slowdown in growth in the second half of 2004. , Mainly because the connector has been widely used in every electronic product, gradually entering the mature industry.  

The development of terminal connector technology presents the following characteristics: high-speed and digital signal transmission, integration of various signal transmissions, miniaturization and miniaturization of product volume, low-cost products, and surface-mounting of contact termination methods , Module combination, convenient plug-in and so on. The above technology represents the development direction of terminal connector technology, but it should be noted that the above technology is not necessary for all connectors. Connectors in different supporting fields and different use environments have completely different requirements for the above technology. The same.  

With the rapid growth of consumer electronics, automotive electronics, and communication terminal markets and the continuous transfer of global terminal connector production capacity to Asia and China, Asia has become the most promising place for the connector market, and China will become the world’s largest connector growth Fastest and largest capacity market.